Graham Elwood


Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 5 August 1969
  • Place Of Birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)


Graham Elwood was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA on 5 August 1969. When he was 12, he and his family moved to Chicago, Illinois. His favorite game show as a kid was Card Sharks (1978). Graham graduated from University of Arizona – with a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media Arts. He claims he was not that great a student. Because he didn’t like coffee he drank Mountain Dew by the bucket to stay awake. His experience left him with such a caffeine overload it would make him twitch. Graham furthered his dramatic training with Playhouse West and Second City Training Center. He has developed a diverse repertoire of dialects including Scottish, Irish, English, German, Surfer, Southern, Chicago, Minnesota. This skill has provided a great asset for specialty voice-over and character work. A ten year comedy veteran, Graham has honed his skills in comedy clubs and colleges to become a sarcastic hipster who can make light of anything and anyone including himself. He is part of a comedy group called “Fancy Ketchup”, whose show can be seen on a regular basis at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He also has made frequent appearances at the Improv in Las Vegas and numerous comedy clubs across the country including The Improv – LA and The Laugh Factory – LA. He has been in numerous productions including Hey Anthony (1998) with family member Sim Elwood. Graham’s theatre experience includes “Light Sensitive”, “Have You Heard about the Party?”, “Do you have Any Irish in You?” and “Ministers of Pain Lead”. His interest in sports and athletics include martial arts and weapons, football, lacrosse, and baseball.


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Super High Me -- Trailer